What is IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for  Construction Site Managers Course?

Our Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Site Managers course has been approved by both CITB and Build UK, use the following image to build credibility and promote the course. The industry is set to generate an impressive £15.5 trillion by 2030. The growth of manufacturing, retail, housing and infrastructure projects presents a huge opportunity for ambitious construction firms. Accidents, illness and deaths cost business over £2 trillion annually. It’s a shocking fact that 60,000 workers die on construction sites every year. The good news is that up to 70 per cent of accidents can be prevented by good standards of management. 

The industry will generate £15.5 trillion by 2030. Yet 60,000 workers die on construction sites every year. The good news is that up to 70 per cent of accidents can be prevented by good management standards. IOSH has designed a world-class course providing a step-by-step guide to understanding and managing the risks. Keeping your business healthy and safe with an effective training programmed will enable you to reduce the cost of accidents and illness by up to 40 percent.


Who is the course for?

The course focuses on techniques to apply relevant knowledge in the context of construction projects of all sizes. It helps delegates to gain a business-first approach and understand how this can benefit the way they work, the business outputs and the wellbeing of their staff.
The innovative course is woven around a single scenario and case study which is developed at each stage of the course, giving delegates the opportunity to put their acquired skills into practice in the training room. An exclusive feature of the course is its flexibility to be delivered over four or five days, making it perfect for both businesses and delegates. Unlike other courses, it can be contextualised to a particular company or location.
Understanding legislation, policy and practice in a given territory is crucial for any construction manager.
Therefore we have ensured that the section on legislation can be tailored to local contexts. It sets out a global standard, with underlying principles of good practice. With this, delegates and employers can be confident they
are delivering to the same operational standard wherever they are in the world.

What will employers get?

  • Globally-recognized and respected certificated training for their managers and supervisors
  • Peace of mind offered by training that’s designed and quality-assured by the Chartered body for safety
    and health professionals
  • A course that can be delivered in time-slots that suit the business
  • Fewer hours lost due to sickness and accidents, resulting in greater productivity
  • Improved, company-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation for safety measures
  • Proactive staff involvement to improve the workplace
  • Enhanced reputation within the supply chain
Course Module
Module 1: Understanding the background?
Topic 1: Key learning points                                                                                   Activity 1: Quiz                                                                                                           Activity 2: For and Against in Management of OSH                                            Topic 2: Hazards and its Categories                                                                       Case Study Scenario 1                                                                                               Activity 3: The Big Five                                                                                              Topic 3: What is the Purpose of Safety and Health Law?                                    Topic 4: Enforcement                                                                                                Topic 5: How can employer make sure they meet their obligations?
Module 2 : Preparing for Work
Topic 6: Communication, Consultation and Engagement                                     Activity 4: Consultation and Engagement                                                              Topic 7: How to improve workers engagement                                                      Topic 8: What is Safety Culture?                                                                            Topic 9: Inductions                                                                                                       Activity 5: Inductions                                                                                                  Topic 10: Training and Competency                                                                   Activity 6: Toolbox Talk                                                                                              Topic 7: Risk Assessment                                                                                         Activity 7: Would you base jump?                                                                           Activity 8: Risk Assessment                                                                                      Topic 11: Controlling Risk                                                                                           Activity 9:  Method Statement                                                                                  Topic 12: Permits                                                                                                         Topic 13: Emergency Planning                                                                                Topic 14: First Aid                                                                                                        Topic 15: Fire                                                                                                                 Activity 10: Fire Hazards                                                                                            Topic 16: The Environment                                                                                       Activity 11: Construction and the Environment                                                     Activity 12: Environment Impacts                                                                           Activity 13: Waste Management         
Module 3: Setting up the Site
 Activity 14: Welfare Arrangements                                                                          Topic 17: Traffic Management                                                                                 Activity 15: Setting Out Site                                                                   
Module 4: Construction Phase Health and Safety
Topic 18: Lifting Operations                                                                                      Topic 19: Excavations                                                                                                   Activity 16: Excavations                                                                                             Topic 20: Confined Spaces                                                                                         Activity 17: Confined Spaces                                                                                    Topic 21: Electrical Safety                                                                                         Topic 22: Underground Services Safety                                                                Topic 23: Overhead Services                                                                                    Topic 24: Driving                                                                                                          Topic 25: Lone Working                                                                                              Topic 26: Work at Height                                                                                           Activity 18: Work at Height                                                                                        Topic 27: Plant and Work Equipment                                                                       Activity 19: Work and Equipment                                                                         Activity 20: Have you ever?                                                                                      Topic 28: Mental Health                                                                                           Topic 29: Asbestos                                                                                                       Activity 21: Asbestos-containing materials                                                         Activity 22: Managing Asbestos removal                                                              Topic 30: Lead                                                                                                            Topic 31: Vibration                                                                                                     Activity 23: Vibration                                                                                                  Topic: 32: Noise                                                                                                          Topic 33: Manual Handling                                                                                       Activity 24: Manual Handling                                                                                   Activity 25: Hazardous Substances                                                                      Topic 34: Drugs and Alcohol                                                                                     Activity 26: Monitoring                                                                                              Topic 35: Accidents                                                                                                   Activity 27: Accident prevention                                                                            Topic 36: Accident Reporting 


 How it is Assess?

  • Assessment Project
  • Assessment Examination- 25 Question 

Training Date/Schedule


July 24,25,31,August 1,2021

August 21,22,28,29,2021

September 18,19,25,26,2021

October 23,24,30,31,2021

December 11,12,18,19,2021

Training Fee

Regular Fee: Php 12,500.00 (Tax Inclusive)

Promo Fee: Php 7,500.00 (Tax Exclusive)

For Bundle Promo (Please click here)


  • Hard Copy of Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Certificate of Award
  • Courier Fee
  • T-shirt