LCM-Loss Control Management for Safety Officer 3 (SO3)

The Loss Control Management is an Advance 48-Hours Training Course required for Safety Officers 3 (SO3) under Department of labor and Employment (DOLE) Section 3(x) and section 16(a) of Department Order 198-18 the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act 10058 “An Act Strengthening Compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Standards and Providing Penalties in Violation thereof”.

Loss control management refers to the process of managing the level of safety risk within a workplace. It is the job of a loss control consultant/officer/manager to identify exposures to potential loss due to safety incidents, hazards and to identify how these exposures can be ameliorated in a cost-effective manner. A loss-control program should identify all potential risks within a workplace, implement effective controls, and assess the financial impacts of existing risks and safety measures within the workplace.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Loss Control Management
  • Module 2: Economics in Loss Control
  • Module 3: Asset, Contractor, Management Tools and Management Control
  • Module 4: Leadership and BBS
  • Module 5: Planning and Administration
  • Module 6: Risk Evaluation
  • Module 8: Training and Competence
  • Module 9: OSH Compliance Assurance
  • Module 10: Advanced OSH Communication II
  • Module 11: Risk Control
  • Module 12: Stress & Work Risk Management
  • Module 13: Planned Inspection
  • Module 14: Fire Loss Control
  • Module 15: Fleet Safety
  • Module 16: System Safety
  • Module 17: Environmental Health II
  • Module 18: Product Safety
  • Module 19: Off the Job Safety
  • Module 20: Waste Management Control
  • Module 21: Accident Investigation II
  • Module 22: Security Loss Control
  • Module 23: ERP & Disaster Management
  • Module 24: Risk Monitoring
  • Module 25: Learning through Events, Current Issues, Data Control
  • Module 26: Role of Safety Officer in Loss Control Management
  • Module 27: OSH Performance and Review

Training Details

Training Audience

Safety Officer 2, Safety Practitioner and Consultant, Safety Manager, Loss Control Officer/Manager, Owner/Manager, HR Personnel, Student, Government Safety Officer

Training Method

Classroom (Face to Face), Live Learning (Online Webinar)

Training Duration

40-Hour-Face to Face for 4/5 days, 40-Hour Webinar for 4 days + 8 Hour HIRAC (48 Hour Advance Course)

Training Assessment

Multiple Choice Examination

Training Inclusion

Certificate of Completion, Student ID, Courier Fee, Soft Copy of Manual and Tax.

Training Calendar

Please see the schedule below

Training Fee-Webinar

Php 4,200.00 (Early Bird, Group Discount & Actsafe Student)

Php 4,500.00 (Regular Fee)

Php 8,000.00 (Combo LCM & SHPA)

Jan. 22,23,29,30,2021 + HIRAC Feb. 6,2022

March 14-18,2022 LCM + HIRAC

May 21,22,28,29,2022 + HIRAC May 15,2022

Online-Webinar Zoom

Face to Face Alert Level 2

Manual Payment (GCASH, Bank Deposit/Transfer, Palawan PS, Cebuana, Mlhullier, Cash)

Payment Online (Debit, Credit Card, Paypal)

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