Loss Control Management for Safety Officer 3 (SO3)


40 Hours + 8 hours Course



-Face to Face

COURSE requirement

-Graduate of BOSH SO2,COSH, BOSH for Nurse, Dentist or Physician


-Certificate of Completion, LCM ID, Training Manual (Digital copy if Online), Tax (Vat), Shipping Fee (Online), Snack and Meals (Face to Face), Free 8 Hours Course (e.g. HIRAC).

Course Description

The Loss Control Management is an Advance 48-Hours Training Course required for Safety Officers 3 (SO3) under Department of labor and Employment (DOLE) Section 3(x), section 14 and section 16(a) of Department Order 198-18 the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act 10058 “An Act Strengthening Compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Standards and Providing Penalties in Violation thereof”. Loss control management refers to the process of managing the level of safety risk within a workplace. It is the job of a loss control consultant/officer/ manager to identify exposures to potential loss due to safety incidents, hazards and to identify how these exposures can be ameliorated in a cost-effective manner. A loss-control program should identify all potential risks within a workplace, implement effective controls, and assess the financial impacts of existing risks and safety measures within the workplace.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Loss Control Management

Module 2: Economics in Loss Control

Module 3: Asset, Contractor, Management Tools and Management Control

Module 4: Leadership and BBS

Module 5: Planning and Administration

Module 6: Risk Evaluation

Module 8: Training and Competence

Module 9: OSH Compliance Assurance

Module 10: Advanced OSH Communication II

Module 11: Risk Control

Module 12: Stress & Work Risk Management

Module 13: Planned Inspection

Module 14: Fire Loss Control

Module 15: Fleet Safety

Module 16: System Safety

Module 17: Environmental Health II

Module 18: Product Safety

Module 19: Off the Job Safety

Module 20: Waste Management Control

Module 21: Accident Investigation II

Module 22: Security Loss Control

Module 23: ERP & Disaster Management

Module 24: Risk Monitoring

Module 25: Learning through Events, Current Issues, Data Control

Module 26: Role of Safety Officer in Loss Control Management

Module 27: OSH Performance and Review

Course Schedule


October 17-20,2023

November 27-December 1,2023

Face to Face

September 26-30,2023 (Legazpi City)

Webinar (Online)

Php 5,500 .00 Php 4,500 .00

Face to Face

Php 8,500 .00 Php 7,500 .00

Price may vary per location and venue

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