NEBOSH HSE Certificate H&S Leadership Excellence

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health & Safety Leadership Excellence qualification aims to provide holders with the knowledge and understanding of Health & Safety Leadership to ensure that they can contribute to the effective management of the organizations overall performance.

Benefits of achieving the NEBOSH HSE Health & Safety Leadership Excellence Certificate:

  • Designed specifically for managers and leaders in all organizations
  • Boost your career prospects, NEBOSH Certificates are valued by employers globally

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in H&S Leadership Excellence Content

The NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health & Safety Leadership Excellence qualification consists of one Unit which must be completed to gain the qualification. The course comprises three elements:

  • The foundations of health & safety leadership
  • Human failure and decision making
  • Leadership

With topics including:

  • The business benefits of health and safety leadership (including the moral, legal and financial arguments)
  • The effects of good health and safety leadership of safety culture
  • Human failures
  • The HSE’s ‘Make it happen’ model
  • Decision making processes including mental short cuts and perception biases
  • Leadership styles
  • The HSE’s five leadership values
  • Building relationships with the workforce


The course is assessed by an on the day assessment which includes a leadership intervention that the Learner is planning to undertake.

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in H&S Leadership Excellence ONLINE

  • Available 24/7 Worldwide
  • Around 15 hours of study including the Online Assessment (can be completed in 1-3 months)
  • Ideal for those whose lifestyle needs a really flexible high quality learning method

Online Learning with RRC

  • Flexible, self paced study
  • Assessment completed at your home and workplace
  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive online study including videos, animations, quizzes, tests and reviews of your progress
  • Unlimited tutor support by a team of expert tutors
  • Full PDF copy of the NEBOSH study text to download for offline study

The course fee include Registration Fee & Examination Fee. (Vat Exclusive)

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