Benefits of Achieving the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing

  • Provides understanding of what wellbeing is and why it matters
  • Provides understanding of how wellbeing can be improved
  • Enables intervention to improve wellbeing in your workplace

NEBOSH Working With Wellbeing Content

The NEBOSH Working With Wellbeing Qualification consists of one unit which must be successfully completed within six months to achieve the qualification. The course covers:

  • Foundations of Wellbeing – What it means and why it matters

  • The Branches of Wellbeing; benefits and what this means in practice – Interaction, exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, kindness, learning

  • Interventions in the Workplace – Planning & measuring their effectiveness

NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Online

The NEBOSH Working With Wellbeing course is an introductory level qualification that looks at workplace wellbeing at both an individual and organisational level. It is designed for those who wish to gain a greater understanding of workplace wellbeing and the factors which affect it, including people that work in human resources, health and safety, occupational health or anyone with people management responsibilities.

The course is assessed through the development of  an effective intervention plan to improve wellbeing in the workplace which will take around one-hour to complete.

NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing ONLINE

  • Available 24/7 Worldwide
  • Around 7 hours of study including the Online Assessment (can be completed in 1 month)
  • Ideal for those whose lifestyle needs a really flexible high quality learning method

Online Learning with RRC

  • Flexible, self paced study
  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive online study including videos, animations, quizzes, tests and reviews of your progress
  • Unlimited tutor support by a team of expert tutors
  • Online assessment
  • Full PDF copy of the NEBOSH workbook to download for offline study

The course fee include Registration Fee, Examination Fee & Shipping Fee. (Vat exclusive)

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