Safety and Health Program Audit (SHPA) SO4


40 Hours + 8 Hours Course



-Face to Face

COURSE requirement

Graduate of LCM SO3


-Certificate of Completion, SHPA ID,Training Manual (Digital copy if Online), Tax (Vat), Shipping Fee (Online), Snack and Meals (Face to Face), Free 8 Hours Course (e.g. HIRAC).

Course Description

The Safety and Health Program Audit is an Advance 48-Hours Training Course required for Safety Officers 4 (SO4) under Department of labor and Employment (DOLE) Section 3(y), section 14 and section 16(a) of Department Order 198-18 the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act 10058 “An Act Strengthening Compliance with the Occupational Safety & Health Standards and Providing Penalties in Violation thereof”.

Safety audits are conducted in order to assess the degree of compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements and with the procedural provisions of a Safety Management System if one is in place. They are intended to provide assurance of the safety management functions, including staffing, compliance with applicable regulations, levels of competency and training. Safety and health audits provide helpful information for correcting safety concerns in the workplace. 

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Safety and Health Program Audit
Module 2: Occupational Health & Safety Program Planning

-Occupational Health & Safety Policy, Management Commitment on OSH Compliance, Establish Occupational Health & Safety Objectives, OSH Hazards, Assessment, Risk Assessment and Risk/Hazards Control (HIRAC), Documented information of OHS Program, OHS Program legal requirements, Leadership and Administration.

Module 3: Occupational Health & Safety Program Implementation

-Workers Participation and Roles, OSH Committee, OSH Personnel Hiring (Human Resources), Awareness, Training and Competence, Communications and Coordination, Asset Management, procurement and contractor management, Management of Change, Emergency and disaster preparedness and response plan, Occupational Health General Services, 

Prevention and Control, Environmental Control, Accident/incident Investigation, recording and reporting, Prohibited Act and Violations, Cost of OSH Program implementation, General Promotions, Difference between Audit and Inspection.

Module 4: Occupational Health and Safety Program Checking and Evaluation.

-OSH Performance Measurement and Evaluation, OSH Program Auditing, Principle of Auditing, Types of Audit, Audit Checklist and Audit Plan, Conducting OSH Program Audit, Audit Reports and Findings, Evaluation of the Corrective Actions.

Module 5: OSH Program Audit Improvement

-Management Review, Continual Improvement, Surveillance Audit, Auditor Professional Development and progression.

Module 6: Conduct OSH Program Audit
Module 7: Presentation of OSH Program Audit

Course Schedule


November 14-17,2023 (Online)

Face to Face

Coming Soon

Webinar (Online)

Php 6,500 .00 Php 5,000 .00

Face to Face

Php 8,500 .00 Php 7,500 .00
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